Photos: Even more gadgets for the gung-ho gamer

Photos: Even more gadgets for the gung-ho gamer

Summary: At E3, new devices add mobility and excitement to the next generation of games.

TOPICS: Mobility, Security

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  • gesture technology

    GestureTek announced that Microsoft has licensed its video gesture-control technology for use with the Xbox Live Vision camera for Xbox 360. In front of a camera, gamers will be able to use full-body gestures to move their real-time image in a game. Gamers will also be able to use gesture technology on Xbox Live. For example, a gamer can play poker face-to-face on Xbox Live--or move left or right to steer a snowbaord down a mountain in a video game.

  • Velocity Micro

    Best Buy announced the launch of custom game PCs on its Web site. Consumers will be able to configure their own Velocity Micro game PCs. The one pictured includes an AMD Athlon 64 FX-60 dual-core processor, a 512MB NVIDIA GeForce 7900GTX graphics card and a 300GB hard drive and sells for $3,199.

Topics: Mobility, Security

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