Photos: Firefox fans find unique ways to celebrate browser

Photos: Firefox fans find unique ways to celebrate browser

Summary: Oregon State's Linux User Group finds unique ways to celebrate milestones of its favorite Web browser.

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  • Lift-off

    To celebrate the 100 millionth download of Mozilla's Firefox Web browser, the Linux Users Group at Oregon State University launched a weather balloon with the help of the Oregon Space Grant Consortium. Here, Firefox-One goes airborne above a cheering crowd of enthusiastic Firefox fans.

    After the launch, the group got together for a Mozilla add-ons review session. Ongoing user review is one of the things that has led to Firefox's success.

  • Filling balloon

    Mandy Huxman, Ron Rinehart and Matt Viehdorferfill, members of NASA's LaunchOregon team who helped put on the event, fill the balloon, which eventually ascended to 100,000 feet into the air with a banner carrying the Firefox logo trailing behind.

Topic: Browser

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