Photos: Games and mingling at EA

Photos: Games and mingling at EA

Summary: Electronic Arts uses its annual studio showcase to unveil 20 new games for 11 platforms.

TOPICS: Mobility

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  • Harry Potter

    A large "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" banner hangs on a wall in Electronic Arts' main cafeteria under a gargoyle.

  • EA employees relax

    Working hard or hardly working? These EA employees take some time out of their day on July 13 to hit swiffle balls and soak up the sun. The EA campus is located in Redwood City, Calif., south of San Francisco and has plenty of grass in the center quad to lounge or play ball on.

  • "Need for Speed: Carbon"

    Glowing strikingly in the dark demo room of EA's Studio Showcase 2006 is "Need for Speed: Carbon." The game was reconceptualized for the Sony PlayStation Portable with the mobile gamer in mind. With the mini-version, gamers can play a faster game, but not miss out on the customization that made the "Need for Speed" anthology so popular.

Topic: Mobility

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