Photos: Getting around on biodiesel

Photos: Getting around on biodiesel

Summary: Josh Tickell promotes biodiesel through books and a backyard equipped to make the alternative fuel.


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  • home-fueling station

    A home biodiesel fueling station, complete with pump, trolley and drum of biodiesel fuel ordered from a distributor, Biodiesel Solutions. Biodiesel proponent Josh Tickell plugs a cigarette-lighter adapter into his VW Jetta to power the pump.

  • outside the home office

    Josh Tickell outside his home office, just steps from his organic garden and biodiesel fueling station. Tickell drove a biodiesel vehicle, called the Veggie Van, across the country more than a year ago to promote the alternative fuel.

  • biodiesel tanks

    These plastic tanks in Josh Tickell's backyard are used to demonstrate how biodiesel fuel is made. The process involves mixing vegetable oil with an alcohol, typically methanol, and a catalyst, usually lye (or sodium hydroxide), to extract glycerin from the vegetable oil and "thin" it to make it compatible with the diesel engine.

    "If you can make a margarita, you can make biodiesel," Tickell says.

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