Photos: Gizmos for gearheads

Photos: Gizmos for gearheads

Summary: Among other things, San Francisco car conference features a VW prototype that runs on liquid hydrogen and pumps water vapor out of its tailpipe.

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  • Photos: Gizmos for gearheads

    The liquid hydrogen tank takes up nearly all of the trunk in Volkswagen's HyMotion prototype hydrogen car. But better compression will shrink the tank size. The car is also based on a standard Volkswagen and not specially designed as a hydrogen vehicle.

  • Photos: Gizmos for gearheads

    BMW is working on a communication system that will let one car convey information about road conditions to those behind it. In this photo, the LCD screen on the dashboard flashes up a warning to a moving car that the road is slippery ahead. Minutes before, another car did a power slide through a wet patch on the same path.

  • Photos: Gizmos for gearheads

    With no hazards imminent, the screen provides data on the current status of the car. Motorola and GM are working on similar systems.

Topic: Hardware

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