Photos: High-stylin' Flybook laptop

Photos: High-stylin' Flybook laptop

Summary: The Flybook micro laptop is a full-blown Windows XP computer complete with touch screen and stylus.


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    The Flybook, by Taiwan's Dialogue, is a full-blown Windows XP computer, complete with touch screen and stylus, that's not much bigger than a DVD case (9.3 inches by 6.1 inches, 2.7 pounds). You can get onto the Internet or an office network using the laptop's wireless Wi-Fi antenna; you can also make voice calls with the Flybook.

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    The Flybook's makers have adopted an iPoddish marketing strategy, hoping to sell the $2,490 machine as something akin to jewelry. The first authorized dealer for the fashionable machine--which comes in silver, black, dark blue, dark red, yellow, orange or white--is Barneys New York, the high-end clothing store.

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