Photos: Hot cars and a cool massage

Photos: Hot cars and a cool massage

Summary: A tribute to a legendary Lamborghini and a luxury Lexus heat up the North American International Auto Show.


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  • Camaro

    The Camaro concept keeps much of the original interior design--complete with a three-spoke steering wheel.

  • Lamborghini Miura

    Italian carmaker Automobili Lamborghini brings back one of the most iconic names in automotive history, the Lamborghini Miura. The new Miura Concept is a tribute to the original Miura, which was first unveiled 40 years ago. The Miura boasts a long list of celebrity owners, from Jay Leno to Frank Sinatra. This Miura concept is a design study only, and there are currently no plans to put it into production.

  • Lexus 460L

    Lexus adds more luxury to its 2007 LS 460 and 460L models. Features include a heated steering wheel and body-heat sensors to maintain a comfortable climate for all occupants. Standard on the 460L model is a voice-activated HDD Navigation System with Bluetooth technology and a 19-speaker surround-sound system with an optional 8-gigabyte audio server. And best of all...

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