Photos: HP's Hurd speaks out

Photos: HP's Hurd speaks out

Summary: Lots of journalists--and lots of security were present at Friday's press conference.


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  • Mark Hurd

    HP chief executive Mark Hurd offered what amounted to a simultaneous defense and criticism of then-HP chairman Patricia Dunn's controversial leak investigation. Hurd claimed that it was Dunn's "responsibility" to pursue leaks aggressively and acknowledged that he himself had approved fake e-mail sent to a CNET reporter. But Hurd also said that some of the investigation's tactics violated business ethics and apologized to everyone who was unreasonably targeted.

  • Mike Holston

    Hewlett-Packard hired Mike Holston, a partner at the Morgan Lewis law firm, to investigate what happened in the leak probe. Holston read aloud a detailed chronology to the reporters who were present--although HP has said that the full details may never be known.

Topics: Hewlett-Packard, Security

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