Photos: IBM delivers Wii chips to Nintendo

Photos: IBM delivers Wii chips to Nintendo

Summary: Launch of Nintendo's Wii gaming console is inching closer as IBM delivers the first batch of processors.

TOPICS: IBM, Hardware, Processors

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  • Wii chips

    IBM says it has begun shipping a PowerPC CPU, code-named "Broadway," that was developed with Nintendo for its upcoming game console.

    While the exact launch date and price is still not public, Nintendo hopes to release Wii in the United States before Christmas with a price tag under $250. Nintendo plans to give more details on Thursday.

    Here, IBM test engineer Jim Myers inspects a tray of Nintendo-bound chip modules at Big Blue's Burlington, Vt., test center.

  • Wii

    The Nintendo Wii, powered by an IBM CPU and an ATI Technologies graphics chip, will not be as powerful as its two main competitors, Microsoft's already-released Xbox 360 and Sony's upcoming PlayStation 3.

    The Xbox 360 is able to render graphics up to 720p (lines of detail) and the PlayStation 3 plans graphics up to 1080p, while the Wii will output at 480p. Nintendo plans to compete with a lower system price and its unique controller.

Topics: IBM, Hardware, Processors

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