Photos: Innovation on display at SRI

Photos: Innovation on display at SRI

Summary: SRI is a nonprofit that's been instrumental to the development of everything from robotic surgery to the computer mouse.

TOPICS: Hardware

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  • Shakey the Robot

    A display of Shakey the Robot, which was developed in SRI's Artificial Intelligence Center from 1966 to 1972. Shakey was the world's first mobile robot with the ability to reason about its surroundings. The actual robot is displayed in the Computer History Musuem in San Jose, Calif.

  • robotic surgical system

    SRI's robotic surgical system was the first to be cleared by the FDA in the 1990s. Surgeons in the United States, Asia and Europe use the minimally invasive system to help patients recover faster. SRI spun off Intuitive Surgical in 1995.

Topic: Hardware

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