Photos: Low-cost PCs

Photos: Low-cost PCs

Summary: Several groups are touting machines for bringing the Net to Africa, rural Asia and Latin America. Here are Intel's latest designs.


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  • Classmate PC

    The Classmate PC (left) is an Intel-designed laptop with a 7-inch screen and flash memory instead of a hard drive. It is designed for use by youths in developing countries.

    Teachers will be able to conduct lessons on laptops while students follow on the Classmates. If students try to surf the Web while class is in session, the computer will block them and warn them politely to pay attention.

  • Classmate folded

    Here is the Classmate PC folded up. Intel CEO Paul Otellini showed off a similar one in May, but it was blue.

  • The Affordable PC

    The Affordable PC, another Intel-designed computer, comes with the basics and cannot be upgraded. With Linux (Mandrake here), it can cost as little as $220.

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