Photos: Oracle gets ready to race

Photos: Oracle gets ready to race

Summary: The Golden Gate Yacht Club is home to the BMW Oracle Racing Team, which will compete in next year's America's Cup.

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  • Piece of boat

    A piece of the BMW Oracle Racing Team's boat, carved out from its last iteration, was shown off by its maker, BMW. The outer materials are tightly woven carbon fiber with aluminum honeycomb inside, forming a stiff, strong mat for the sail boat. Materials like this went into the 27-ton boat that the team will race this year and next.

  • Material from sail

    A piece of material that makes up the sail of BMW Oracle's boat for the America's Cup. It's a combination of woven carbon fiber and Mylar for strength and flexibility.

  • Christoph Erbelding

    Christoph Erbelding, senior structural design engineer for the BMW Oracle Racing Team, demonstrates the technology and materials that comprise the boat the team will race in next year's America's Cup. Erbelding works in the Seattle headquarters of the racing team, where the first boat was built and the second boat is now being built. He is one of several engineers who work on computer simulations for optimizing the boat's lightness and strength.

Topic: Oracle

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