Photos: Power tools hit the drag strip

Photos: Power tools hit the drag strip

Summary: It's a bizarro world version of Nascar when belt sanders and chain saws burn rubber.

TOPICS: Storage

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  • Spider 8

    Teams "Spider 8" and "Pigs in Wonderland" race down the wooden tracks. Spider 8 stalled on the track and gave up the win to Pigs.

  • Steve Peace

    Steve Peace, in his third year of competition at the Power Tool Drag Races, fiddles with his racer, "Lady of St. Ludicrous." The tool is a Black & Decker aluminum sander fashioned with a nun puppet and a bong pipe. The racer lost two of its three races, but Peace said he "crushed some hapless sucker" in the third race. Peace, a marketing consultant in San Francisco, said, "Everyone in this city is simply trying to amuse themselves and we do this."

  • Big Bird

    Big Bird from "Sesame Street" adorns a steel power-saw that looks ready to race in the derby.

Topic: Storage

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