Photos: Power tools hit the drag strip

Photos: Power tools hit the drag strip

Summary: It's a bizarro world version of Nascar when belt sanders and chain saws burn rubber.

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  • Race car with stuffed-bear mascot

    A large power-tool race car with its signature talisman, a white stuffed bear. Earlier, another stuffed animal in the race caught fire and organizers struggled to extinguish the smoky bear.

  • Shannon O'Hare

    Shannon O'Hare astride "Neverwas," a steam-powered tool that raced in a San Francisco junkyard on Sunday. The power tool was constructed from the engine of a 75-year-old air compressor that O'Hare found for $5 at a garage sale; the boiler of a steam cleaner; the front end of a motorcycle; a tire; and a 100-year-old carriage. Its top speed is 12 mph.

    O'Hare, also known as "Major Catastrophe," said the steam engine is the pride of a Jules Verne-inspired group called the Neverwas, which plans to take the vehicle to "Burningham" (Burning Man) for quick trips for ice when needed at the desert camp. O'Hare said Sunday that the vehicle was racing against "life itself."

  • Sparking flames

    Two power-tool cars spark flames during their start on the wooden rails. On Sunday, there were at least two big fires on the track.

Topic: Storage

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