Photos: Power tools hit the drag strip

Photos: Power tools hit the drag strip

Summary: It's a bizarro world version of Nascar when belt sanders and chain saws burn rubber.

TOPICS: Storage

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  • The menu

    Keg beer, sliced watermelon and ironed hot dogs were on the menu at the Power Tools Drag Races, which started at noon on a pristine Sunday in San Francisco and ended at sunset.

  • Red Rooster

    The "Red Rooster," a makeshift bike with a lawn mower motor, won a manned race down the track. It smoked out the crowd afterward because of burning rubber on the bike. General guidelines of the race were to "finish your machine before you arrive. Stay away from the liquor. Go faster than everyone else. Don't crash. Win money."

  • Todd Lappin

    Todd Lappin acts as the "safety clown" on the track, handing out yellow crime-scene tape bearing the words "do not cross." The race's proprietors--who are fully insured--make every attendee sign a liability waver before entering the track.

Topic: Storage

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