Photos: Racing at 6,786 miles per gallon

Photos: Racing at 6,786 miles per gallon

Summary: At the European Shell Eco-marathon, it's the best fuel efficiency that wins the race.


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  • Starting line

    The winners of the European Eco-Shell Marathon 2006 weren't the fastest but they were the most fuel efficient. Teams had to battle changing temperatures and wind conditions and use the least amount of fuel after completing seven laps of the Nogaro Circuit in southwest France.

    The first 27 teams broke the 1,000-kilometer-per-liter (2,825-mile-per-gallon) barrier, according to officials.

  • winners

    Engineering students from the Lycee La Joliverie school in France won the big prize with an ethanol-powered vehicle that, according to race officials, averaged an astounding energy consumption equivalent of 2,885 kilometers per liter or 6,786 miles per gallon. And this didn't even meet the car's trial run of 2,914 kilometers per liter or 6,854 miles per gallon. This car also won the Climate Friendly award for the least greenhouse gas emissions.

    Despite the large number of participants and success of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, this car proved that ethanol-powered vehicles were still a solid choice for energy efficiency.

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