Photos: RoboCup 2006 set to kick off

Photos: RoboCup 2006 set to kick off

Summary: Droids and Aibos head to Germany for championship games of robotic soccer. And guess who's doing the color commentary?

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  • Robots in a four-on-four match

    With the World Cup games just under way in Germany, it's not just humans who'll be kicking soccer balls in a quest for glory. So, too, will teams of mechanical Ronaldinho wannabes, at the RoboCup 2006 event in the northern German city of Bremen this week. In this photo from an earlier match, these fully autonomous players are running through a four-on-four game.

  • Aibos chew up the turf

    Sony's Aibo has long been a favorite for robot soccer matches. In these games, the robot dogs--and other robotic competitors--have to demonstrate both individual skills, such as dribbling the ball and locating themselves on the field of play, and cooperative actions such as passing.

  • Miro Klose cradles his Aibo buddy

    This Aibo has a boon companion in Miro Klose, a star of the German national team. Alas, Sony isn't as affectionate anymore--in January, it eliminated the robotics unit that designed and built the pup.

Topic: Emerging Tech

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