Photos: RoboCup 2006 set to kick off

Photos: RoboCup 2006 set to kick off

Summary: Droids and Aibos head to Germany for championship games of robotic soccer. And guess who's doing the color commentary?

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  • Fancy footwork from Sony's humanoid Qrio

    Color commentary for some of the RoboCup matches will be provided by a pair of robots from Carnegie Mellon University. Based on Sony's humanoid Qrio (seen here)--also a victim of the company's cost-cutting earlier this year--the duo of Ami and Sango will receive wireless input from the Game Controller, the same system that communicates the referee's calls to the four-legged robot players. Ami is designed to be emotional, while Sango is the sober one, Carnegie Mellon says.

  • Robots to the rescue

    Before the actual games begin, some robots will put on a demonstration of their rescue skills. The scenario incorporates a simulated accident scene involving several wrecked vehicles and the possibility of hazardous substances being spilled. Equipped with cameras, the remote-controlled robots will venture into the accident scene ahead of their human handlers.

Topic: Emerging Tech

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