Photos: Robot vehicles race for Grand Challenge

Photos: Robot vehicles race for Grand Challenge

Summary: A $2 million prize awaits the winner of DARPA's desert contest for unmanned vehicles.

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  • Photos: Robot vehicles race for Grand Challenge

    Stanley did qualify for the DARPA desert race of unmanned vehicles, which features a $2 million prize. It finished the seven-day qualifying event without hitting any obtacles.

  • sandstorm

    Sandstorm, from Carnegie Mellon University's Red Team, is one of the favorites of this year's race.

    Note the dust trail picked up just driving through the testing area. Imagine what it will be like riding over desert roads.

  • wrong turn

    Team Mojavation had a problem in the qualifying event when its vehicle decided to turn too soon and was disabled. But the team did qualify for the finals.

Topic: Emerging Tech

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