Photos: Solar Challenge--2,500 mile car 'rayce'

Photos: Solar Challenge--2,500 mile car 'rayce'

Summary: Teams from the U.S. and Canada will step on the sun for a "rayce" of solar-powered cars from Austin to Calgary.


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  • University of Minnesota Borealis III

    Twenty cars started their engines on July 17 and began to "rayce" 2,500 miles from Austin, Texas to Calgary, Alberta in the 2005 North American Solar Challenge. The catch? Each car must be powered only by sunshine.
    Top qualifier Borealis III, built by the University of Minnesota Solar Vehicle Project, hits the road for this event run by the North American Solar Challenge. or RSS or photo gallery
  • Defending champions

    The U.S. Department of Energy, the main sponsor for this biannual event, seeks to bolster national security by promoting renewable and energy-efficient technologies. This year's course will include "raycing" in Canada for the first time. Here, defending champions from the University of Missouri, Rollo fine tune Solar Miner V prior to the race.

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