Photos: Solar Challenge--2,500 mile car 'rayce'

Photos: Solar Challenge--2,500 mile car 'rayce'

Summary: Teams from the U.S. and Canada will step on the sun for a "rayce" of solar-powered cars from Austin to Calgary.


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  • Countryside

    In the 2003 race, the Kansas State University car travels through the Mojave Desert on Route 66. This year's course follows U.S. Route 75 and the Trans Canadian Highway. Checkpoints are placed along the route and include Broken Arrow, Okla., Fargo, N.D., and Medicine Hat, Alberta.

  • Taking the top down

    The University of Minnesota's Borealis III is inspected with the top down at the 2005 Formula Sun Grand Prix race in Heartland Park, Kan. The team consists of 46 undergraduates who have worked on the project since January 2004.

  • First steps

    Members of the Purdue Univesity team observe their vehicle in the first steps of construction.

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