Photos: Sun also rises at Oracle OpenWorld

Photos: Sun also rises at Oracle OpenWorld

Summary: CEO Scott McNealy gets some stage time at Oracle OpenWorld Conference, showing off six of Sun's key initiatives.

TOPICS: Oracle

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  • McNealy Ellison's suit

    Sun CEO Scott McNealy quips that customers could buy 14 Sun servers for the price of Oracle CEO Larry Ellison's suit.

  • McNealy iPod moments

    Sun is in the midst of six "iPod moments," transformations that could mean new revenue for the server company, CEO Scott McNealy tells his audience at the Oracle OpenWorld conference.

  • McNealy Niagara chip

    At the Oracle OpenWorld confab, Sun CEO Scott McNealy shows off "Niagara," a processor with eight cores that can run a total of 32 instruction sequences, or threads. Sun expects to debut the chip in servers in the coming months.

Topic: Oracle

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