Photos: Supercomputers ready for work

Photos: Supercomputers ready for work

Summary: At the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, the Blue Gene/L and the ASC Purple prepare to show their colors.

TOPICS: Processors

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  • Photos: Setting up Blue Gene/L

    The racks of the Blue Gene/L supercomputer are put in the data center, located in Livermore, Calif. The diagonal structures are plenums that help evenly distribute cool air to the machines.

  • Photos: Setting up Blue Gene/L

    The installed supercomputer has 65,536 processors and has sustained performance of 280.6 trillion calculations per second.

  • Photos: Another shade of supercomputer

    Another supercomputer, ASC Purple, also made its debut Oct. 27 at the Livermore lab. It uses fewer but more powerful individual processors than Blue Gene/L, and each server has much more memory.

Topic: Processors

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