Photos: The top 10 MP3 players in Asia

Photos: The top 10 MP3 players in Asia

Summary: See what's hot in the birthplace of most music players. It's worth noting: The iPod is not No. 1.

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  • Apple iPod Nano (4GB)

    5. Apple iPod Nano (4GB)

    Price range: $189-249

    The good: Gorgeously slim; easy to use; comes with iTunes.

    The bad: Scratches easily; no FM radio.

    The bottom line: This slim offering from Apple may be limited in terms of features; however, for looks alone, the iPod Nano currently has few equals.

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  • Creative MuVo Vidz (1GB)

    6. Creative MuVo Vidz (1GB)

    The good: Decent audio; fuss-free video conversion; fast transfer speed.

    The bad: Tiny screen; below-average battery life.

    The bottom line: It's a decent enough video player, given its size, but for serious mobile movie buffs, the Creative MuVo Vidz is just not worth the popcorn.

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  • Creative Zen Neeon (5GB)

    7. Creative Zen Neeon (5GB)

    Price range: $140-203

    The good: Decent choice of Stik-On designs; low price for a 5GB player; small form factor.

    The bad: Indifferent hardware controls and menu interface.

    The bottom line: It has solid value for a 5GB capacity device and will definitely stand in good stead for users looking for a customizable, all-round MP3 player.

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