Photos: Top 10 MP3 players under $100

Photos: Top 10 MP3 players under $100

Summary: Gadgets don't have to be expensive to be good, and we can prove it. We scoured to find the best MP3 players that can be had for less than a C-note.

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  • Creative MuVo TX FM (512MB)

    5. Creative MuVo TX FM (512MB)

    The good: Cool design; USB 2.0; comes with armband and belt clip; great sound; easy to use.

    The bad: Tiny screen; no USB extension cable.

    The bottom line: Creative's MuVo TX FM is a great option for people who want a small, lightweight, and gymworthy player with a decent feature set.

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  • Creative Zen Nano Plus (512MB)

    6. Creative Zen Nano Plus (512MB)

    The good: Plenty of cool color options; ultracompact design; comes with a belt clip, a case, and an armband; impressive, but not great, sound and recording quality; supports DRM-protected songs; includes FM, voice, and line-in recording features.

    The bad: Small LCD; no true playlist support.

    The bottom line: If you're looking for a feature-packed flash player but you don't want to spend a ton to get one, Creative's Zen Nano Plus is the device for you.

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  • iRiver T30 (512MB)

    7. iRiver T30 (512MB)

    The good: Supports subscription WMA files; small and light; solid audio quality; voice and line-in recording.

    The bad: No FM radio; occasional glitches in playing subscription downloads.

    The bottom line: The T30 is a basic player by iRiver standards, but Janus support makes it an attractive flash-based device.

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