Photos: When tech gets bulletproof

Photos: When tech gets bulletproof

Summary: In Israel? You might as well check out the latest in bulletproof vests and unmanned aerial vehicles.

TOPICS: Security

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  • Sparrow-N

    The Sparrow-N from E.M.I.T. The unmanned aerial vehicle weighs 40 kilograms, far less than the 200 kilo average, and can fly at 3,000 feet without being detected. Most fly at higher elevations. At 3,000 feet, the camera in the plane can still bring back images that correctly identify individuals. It also costs a lot less and can be launched with a bungee-cord contraption mounted on the roof of an assault vehicle.

  • Beer here

    Drink up, Sarge. Many of the booths gave away squishy balls and pens, but beer was one of the more popular come-ons.

  • Mosquito form Malat

    Hello, handsome. The mannequin holds the Mosquito form Malat, a small, electric unmanned aerial vehicle that can fly for about a kilometer. It flies at 500 feet but can easily be seen or heard, according to the company.

Topic: Security

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