Photos: Where art meets science

Photos: Where art meets science

Summary: From starfish-like hairs on a leaf to a floating paperclip, winners of the 2005 Novartis and The Daily Telegraph Visions of Science Photographic Awards are eclectic and colorful.

TOPICS: Health

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  • How thick is your brain?

    The thickness of a brain's gray matter varies across the brain. Here it is color-coded, from red (thickest) to blue (thinnest). Made up of nerve cell bodies, gray matter is thickest in the frontal lobes of the brain, at the top. Researchers believe that the frontal lobes control languages, memory, judgment and social skills.

  • Liquid crystals

    Molecules' orientation within a liquid crystal can be seen by viewing the crystals with polarized light. Regions that have the same color here have the same orientation.

  • Surface tension

    Water's surface tension can support a metal paper clip. An attraction between the molecules in water causes its surface to act in an elastic manner. By photographing it using a grill in front of the light source, the indentation of the surface caused by the clip's weight can be seen. This bending of light is similar to that in strong gravitational fields, as predicted by Einstein's theories.

Topic: Health

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