Photos: Wristwatch windup

Photos: Wristwatch windup

Summary: As watch companies and jewelers congregated for the Baselworld trade show, aficionados celebrated the watchmaker's art.

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  • Rosinex biorhythm watch

    The Speznaz Biorhythm Watch from Russian watchmaker Rosinex also was created by cosmonaut Vladimir Dzhanibekov. It is designed to indicate the biological condition of 12 human organs, depending on the time of a day. This edition is limited to 300 copies.

  • Pilo & Co. Black Diamond

    From Geneva-based watchmaker Pilo & Co., the Black Diamond. It features a 25-jewel movement, gold-plated case and 298 black diamonds.

  • Viola watches

    Viola, one of Hong Kong's first watchmakers to exhibit at BaselWorld, introduced watches from the company's "Lost in Time" collection. The watch on the left is marketed as a timepiece for the woman who doesn't want to be preoccupied by time. Playing to customers of the opposite temperament is, on the right, a watch whose 10 hands can track the time in three different time zones.

Topic: Hardware

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