Photos: Xbox 360 goes out for a spin

Photos: Xbox 360 goes out for a spin

Summary: No more speculation needed, game fans. Microsoft is officially showing off the Xbox 360.

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  • Xbox 360 goes out for a spin

    The redesigned Xbox 360 pales in comparison to the darker original. The new case is the work of San Francisco-based Astro Studios and Japanese design house Hers Experimental Design Laboratory.

  • Gamers will be able to attach interchangeable faces to the Xbox 360, allowing them to customize the look of their consoles. They'll also be able to change the look of the software menus.

  • Xbox 360 offers a removable and upgradeable 20GB hard drive for game saves, file downloads, and storage of pictures, music and movies. A player will be able to take games and other media saved on his or her hard drive to a friend's house.

Topic: Microsoft

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