Photos: Yahoo kicked off of pyramid

Photos: Yahoo kicked off of pyramid

Summary: Mexico says a laser project aiming to reach extraterrestrials from Teotihuacan archaeological site is a no-go.

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  • Pyramid of the Sun

    Yahoo had gotten a permit to use a laser beam atop the Pyramid of the Sun, shown here, to shoot data into space in hopes of reaching extraterrestrials. But this week, Mexico's National Institute of Anthropology and History said the project is a no-go.

  • Two pyramids

    The Pyramid of the Sun (background) and the Pyramid of the Moon are among the main attractions of the Teotihuacan archaeological site.

    The Pyramid of the Sun was constructed between 1 A.D. and 150 A.D. on top of a natural cave, according to the Mexican government. It is 211 feet high and 709 feet wide, making it one of Mesoamerica's largest pyramids.

Topic: Oracle

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