Screenshots: Sites harbor Windows Trojan

Screenshots: Sites harbor Windows Trojan

Summary: Simply by visiting these sites using a vulnerable Windows PC could cause an infection, Websense says.


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  • Hiding places for Windows Trojan

    A flaw in some versions of Microsoft Windows Meta File is spawning attacks ranging from worms to spam, security experts have warned. The Windows Meta File flaw uses images to execute arbitrary code, according to a security advisory issued by the Internet Storm Center.

    Websense Security Labs has posted some examples of sites that appear to have been compromised. This is a Dutch example.

  • Renovation site hosts Trojan

    A vulnerable Windows system could become infected if someone just views what appears to be a malicious image on this compromised Web site, according to Websense's posting.

  • Sites compromised worldwide

    Websense, which has been tracking malicious activity around the flaw, says it has discovered malicious sites in the United States, Russia, Netherlands, the United Kingdom, China and Japan.

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