Ten great Android 4 features (screenshots)

Ten great Android 4 features (screenshots)

Summary: Enough talk about what Android 4 can offer you; let’s see what it will be offering you.

TOPICS: Android, Google

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  • In my initial look at Android 4, the first thing that impressed me was its cleaner interface. A closer look showed that the new, simple “Roboto” font helps to give Ice Cream Sandwich’s interface its crisp look.

  • Android 4’s new simple interface continues to impress with its use of folders - the Google Apps in the lower left corner - and its use of virtual buttons for Back, Home, and Recent Apps on the bottom of the display.

Topics: Android, Google

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  • Still not true to the spirit of original Android, which was highly touted

    ... by both Sergey Brin (who bought the project) and Rubin. <br><br>Genuine Android UI was before influence of the rotten Apple.
  • bottom right

    is where Google Apps are in the screenshot, not left
    • RE: Ten great Android 4 features (screenshots)

      @keithc that was a test: you passed ;)
  • RE: Ten great Android 4 features (screenshots)

    Does Android 4 support authenticating proxy servers?

    It doesn't matter how pretty it is if you can't get onto the network.
  • RE: Ten great Android 4 features (screenshots)

    like me, your phone company has recently let you know that your ???unlimited??? data plan has become very limited indeed,

    Since I use regular cellphones, I have to ask: what good is being able to do high data things like listening audio or streaming video when they eat up your data plan quickly?

    Most of my friends use audio-video only when using wifi because of cost.
    • RE: Ten great Android 4 features (screenshots)

      @zeke123 <br><br>EXACTLY! I have a two cellphone plan from Verizon which has no texting nor web browsing, and 1,000 minutes @, shared, for $72/mo. My plan is about to expire. When I looked into getting two Androids several things stopped me dead in my tracks:<br><i><b>What do the new data plans cost?</b><br>Data was previously $30 per month for unlimited use. The new plans are $30 for 2GB per month, $50 for 5GB, and $80 for 10GB. Feature phone users with Internet-compatible phones can choose to pay $10 for 75MB per month.</i><br><br>Those terms, and the price of two new smartphones left us deciding to stay with our cellphones. It cost me only $5 and 5 seconds to replace the battery in her Motorola W755. Verizon wanted $50. Androids have replaceable batteries but iPhones do not. That ruled out an iPhone as well.<br><br>I have a 15Mb/s connection for $52 with no cap on downloads, and both her Acer Aspire One netbook and my Sony VAIO VGN-FW140E notebook work nicely with it. So does my iPod4 wireless, which was an Xmas gift last season. It has taught me how few public wifi's there are, and how slow the available ones are. That experience contributed to my lack of desire to use a smartphone.

      Now, to consider the cost of conspiring monopolists have on consumer choice in America, a friend of mine in France has $40/mo plan which includes a smartphone with unlimited calling anywhere in France, 40Mb/s Internet, and 200+ channels of TV. My son and his wife have a RR plan which, for over $190, offers 200+ channels of TV, a 20Mb/s Internet, and a VIOP phone plugged into the wall.
      • RE: Ten great Android 4 features (screenshots)

        Yeah. I'm thinking about going back to a flip phone when I have to change to the new restrictions. I will lose both in the US and in Canada (where I work). That should reduce my monthly bills by over $100.00.
  • RE: Ten great Android 4 features (screenshots)

    So, where in all of this is the Menu button. I find that I use the Menu system a lot.

    It looks to me like I will be staying with Froyo.

    Sorry Google, but trying to look and act like Apple is a turn off. One Apple is bad enough. an imitation Apple is a lot like eating a piece of wax fruit.

    Android should be trying to be Android.