The beginner's guide to Pinterest and learning

The beginner's guide to Pinterest and learning

Summary: Is there more to Pinterest than cupcakes and pouting girls?

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  • There are some websites that now include a "Pin It" button, but most currently do not.

    Instead, you can add a "Pin It" option to your bookmarks bar on your Internet browser. 

    Hover over the "About" option in the right-had corner of Pinterest. Once you select the second option, "Pin It Button", you will be taken to a "Goodies" page.

    By selecting the white button in the middle, it can be dragged to your bookmarks bar. Then, if you find an image you want to pin, you simply have to click the button for the link to be saved, and for you to be taken to a board and description selection page.

  • Searching for themes

    As a visual resource, Pinterest can be used to search for pins or boards concerning a particular theme -- such as 'China' or 'the ocean' quickly. The images you find and repin will have a linked source, so you can find additional information about the content from these links.

    Anything you search for can be divided between individual pins, people, or boards.

  • As a former teacher, I think the potential this kind of platform has for learning lies within its application to project-based learning.

    By being able to organise web sources, folders and files via themed boards, collaboration among students can become easier and more interactive. Not only this, but finding the source of such items is as easy as clicking on the pin -- which can save time for the teacher if they wish to double-check an entry.

    When boards are categorised, teachers and students can create them based on unit, subject, or project theme.

    If you do use the platform for projects, remind your students about online etiquette -- copy and pasting an entire work or article is a demonstration of poor manners, or could result in accusations of copyright infringement.

Topic: Browser

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  • Getting Invited

    I have tried 3 times to be invited to use Pinterest and have yet to receive an invitation. What gives?