The Twitter guide to job hunting

The Twitter guide to job hunting

Summary: How can the social networking site Twitter be used to further your job search?


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  • Hashtags (#) are used to connect themed and specific content. By using Twitter's search tool, you can see individual updates relating to this query -- one I use often is educational technology, otherwise known as #edtech.

    For general searches, you can use #jobs, #jobsearch and #jobadvice. Others worth noting include #employment, #dreamjob and #careers.

    It is also possible to narrow your search via industry, including #GlobalEd, #STEM, #business, #computing and #travel.

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  • There is a plethora of free services and software available to organise your Twitter accounts and lists -- two of the most popular being TweetDeck and Hootsuite.

    By using these platforms, you can schedule tweets, create automatic replies, and sort your lists and trends you want to follow by columns.

    TweetBeep is a valuable tool for the job search, as it allows you to set up hourly updates on job searches or trends in Twitter. You can also set up notifications for replies or particular hashtag updates, personal mentions and links to your content.

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