The Twitter guide to job hunting

The Twitter guide to job hunting

Summary: How can the social networking site Twitter be used to further your job search?


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  • After setting up your account, take your time and think of a 'one line' biography to attract the attention of recruiters. If you want to be found by such people, use key words and phrases relevant to your industry.

    Not only this, but use Twitter as an extension of your resume. Keep it professional and concise -- the more relevant your Tweets to a target audience, the more likely you are to attract the attention of others who may have connections valuable to you.

    If you're seeking a position in the IT industry, why not Tweet interesting news and articles, or offer an opinion or two? Tweeting about your breakfast will impress no-one, but some insight in the latest financial quarter results may.

  • As a means of connecting to others in your field, it goes without saying that following relevant companies and top industry players will keep you informed of any news or changes -- but it will also make you appear keen, and give you a better picture of the companies on your hit-list.

    Interested in sales? Why not follow @Andy_Rudin, @ActionSelling, @B2B_Sales_Leads and @EyesOnSales.

    How about technology? Follow @Techmeme, @tynanwrites, @arrington and @dancosta.

  • The best way to gain exposure on Twitter is to be active and relevant towards a target audience. If you nurture a reputation as an expert in your field, then you are giving potential employers a reason to notice you.

    Participate in talks and discussions, follow the latest trends, and offer your perspective to other industry players.

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