Top 5 hottest smartphones this summer

Top 5 hottest smartphones this summer

Summary: There are tons of smartphones available from your carrier, but I think there are 5 that stand out from the crowd this summer. Which is your favorite?


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  • The Nokia 808 PureView is more of a technology demonstration than a smartphone that will be popular, but you have to give Nokia a tip of the hat with that 41 megapixel camera.

  • The Nokia 808 PureView runs the latest version of Symbian, Belle, that functions much like Android. It is sold through Amazon in the US and works well on T-Mobile and AT&T.

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  • USA AT&T Samsung #1717 Galaxy Note Smartphone to FINALLY Get ICS 4.0.3

    I don't doubt that there are others in this boat, but I've been eagerly awaiting news on exactly when my newest smartphone will finally get the upgrade to ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) OS 4.0.3 from Gingerbread 2.3.6.x.xx. Out of desperation I turned to my reportorial skills and asked the head office, a genial tech support person at my special coded telephone number, AT&T Enhanced Support--that is available to those of us on AT&T *only* who want/need/might need after hours 24/7 support on our AT&T smartphones of virtually any variety.

    I was online about another tech issue with advanced features on the Samsung Note at the time, at about 10PM PST, and when I asked if the agent knew about when we'd be getting the update/upgrade to ICS he went offline for a couple moments and then told me: "The AT&T update is due for release to Samsung Galaxy Note owners with AT&T *only* on July 13, 2012!"

    I know that this seems a trifle late for our Note phones to get the fantastic upgrade to the latest version of ICS but such is life with AT&T it seems. It's a known fact that the Galaxy Note is stable as can be, or possibly can be, on the present OS 2.3.6.x.xx, so it's almost a risk one maybe doesn't have to take to get excellent service on the Note, but WTH! I'll be among the 1st adopters I assure, and simply wanted to get this out to the genial other Note owners who might be reading this blog on the "top 5 smartphones of the summer", so there you go!

    Personally I couldn't be more pleased with the performance and overall abilities in multi-tasking and just blazing fast speeds all the way around using my Samsung Galaxy Note phone, but then again who wouldn't want even more? And it's supposed to get just like that with the additional trappings that come with the ICS update/upgrade on the Note.

    So here's to the best smartphone that *wasn't on this so-called best 5 smartphones of summer* list, our mighty and svelte huge 5.3" AMOLED-screened Galaxy Note smartphones. That wait for ICS is virtually over, and if you hadn't already heard the news of the ICS update somewhere else, you've now officially heard if from the horse's mouth at AT&T insider service.

    Have a great weekend!