Top Android apps for Honeycomb tablets- Summer 2011 edition

Top Android apps for Honeycomb tablets- Summer 2011 edition

Summary: Apps optimized for Honeycomb tablets


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  • You don't normally think of mind mapping when you think of tablets but Thinking Space Pro bucks that trend. This app brings full mind mapping capability to the Honeycomb tablet in a manner that is easy and even fun to use. Topics are easily created by hand and can be moved around the screen at will to organize the map just as desired. There is a limited free version and a paid version available.

  • Honeycomb tablet ship with good onscreen keyboards, but they pale in comparison to this version of SwiftKey for Tablets. It has the text prediction SwiftKey is known for, and packages it in a wonderful onscreen keyboard that is the best in its class. There is even a split keyboard mode for thumb typists that rivals that on the upcoming iPad 3 later this year. This is a closed beta requiring registration and acceptance before access is granted.

  • Another good RSS feed reader that syncs with Google Reader, JustReader is a multi-column feed reader that is designed for rapidly scanning lots of feed articles. There is a full touch browser included for viewing whole articles in the app. There are free and premium versions available.

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