Top Android smartphones for the summer

Top Android smartphones for the summer

Summary: Smartphones are a very objective thing, depending on personal needs and preferences. Here are the top 5 Android phones for the summer as picked by James Kendrick of ZDNet Mobile News.


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Topics: Mobility, Hardware, Smartphones

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  • RE: Top Android smartphones for the summer

    I have the Droid Eris still but will be looking to upgrade soon. And you are right.. almost too many choices for me. I do like the Androids so that part of the decision is made (iPhone users in the family trying to get me to convert!)

    • RE: Top Android smartphones for the summer

      @AntiAgingByDesign <br><br>Don't give in to the foolishness. If you value life, liberty and justice pick-up a WP7 or an Android device.
  • RE: Top Android smartphones for the summer

    EVO 3D will be the best phone this summer, hands down
  • Yet another vapid rah-rah about technical appearances...

    ...from a commentator who doggedly prefers not to tell readers what real-world ownership of these devices will be like.

    Does the device come with pre-installed adware/crapware that the user can't remove? Does Verizon offer a meaningful warranty that includes Android defects? Does Samsung or any other device manufacturer warrant the device against Android defects? What constitutes a serious enough "defect" to trigger warranty provisions?

    Does Google push updates to the end user to fix egregious Android bugs? For example, see

    As can be seen from Googles own bug-reporting website above that Android users have reported problems reliably accessing their email on ISP accounts (i.e. from POP servers) since December 2009 beginning with Android 2.0.1 and continuing at least through 2.2. That's 17 months without even an acknowledgment from Google, much less a fix for existing owners. Has Google fixed this issue in newer versions of Android?

    How many consumers will read reviews such as this one, become persuaded to buy an Android device from a carrier, and then experience "phantom email notifications", "disappearing emails" and other issues when they try to access their email accounts on ISPs? How many of these will then discover that Verizon won't give them a refund because it took them longer than 14 days to decide the problems were really in Android, and not due to their own configuration mistakes? Will Samsung fix the issue under warranty? How long will the consumer wait for Google to push a fix past the manufacturers and carriers (who each have their fingers in the software)?

    Every Android release inevitably has bugs. Should consumers take a chance that he or she won't encounter a significant one that may never get fixed?

    I specifically challenge James Kendrick and other media reviewers to fully disclose--not only devices' technical niftiness--but also real-world ownership issues about which ZDNet readers deserve to be forewarned.
    • RE: Top Android smartphones for the summer

      @FeralUrchin Lets have android be as open and transparent as ios, which we all know has no flaws or secrets and runs on perfect hardware. By the way, that isn't a problem, you're holding it wrong.
      • RE: Top Android smartphones for the summer

        @gspaulding I appreciate your reply. I have no experience of Apple products, except for an iPod Classic which I like a lot. ZDNet's recent intemperate but doubtlessly accurate rants against Apple ("Apple doesn't love You..." and "It's not just you, Apple hates everyone...") address issues that for the most part are equally applicable, if not more so, where Google/Samsung/Verizon [substitute any manufacturer or carrier you choose] are concerned.

        Apple may be no better than Google/OEMs/carriers, but I would like to suggest Apple is no worse, either. Where is ZDNet's outing of Googe's/manufacturers'/carriers' behaviors?

        Could ZDNet's reticence possibly have to do with who does, and who does not, provide advertising revenue to ZDNet? I hope not, but have never seen an Apple "sponsored link" or ad here. Let me know if I've merely failed to notice.
    • RE: Top Android smartphones for the summer

      I have an Android (HTC Desire HD) and I have not come across *any* of the problems you mentioned. It was a battery hog - and that is an HTC problem, not a Google issue - but Juice Defender and the Gingerbread update took care of that.

      But seriously dude, if you are *that* hellbent on finding a fault, perhaps Earth is not the right planet for you.
      • RE: Top Android smartphones for the summer

        @Lord_of_the_Singhs Thanks for the information about the HTC Desire. I'd appreciate knowing whether you're a US consumer who has had to deal with Android defect and support issues in this market. For example, how did you get an update to Gingerbread? I'd love to get one for my Galaxy Tab also.

        However, here neither Samsung nor Verizon have a current schedule for upgrading existing Galaxy Tabs from Froyo to Gingerbread. Further, there is no available information currently available to US consumers, as far as I know, on what Froyo bugs if any are fixed in Gingerbread--or for that matter what new ones will be introduced in Gingerbread, then in Honeycomb, etc, etc. Where can we get release schedules and change and errata notices for Android releases?

        As you can see from other consumers' frustration expressed in the Android email-related bug report (check out the link if you've not already done so), that we don't consider the matter a minor imperfection. Having expectations of reliability and support due to our prior experiences with PC and OS vendors, we expect reliable email support, meaningful technical support from our vendors and especially regular and useful OS software updates. Googling "phantom email notifications" and "disappearing emails" will put you in contact with many others who are also affected.

        Again, we all feel the absence of reliable email is unacceptable. We also strongly feel that lack of warranty and technical support from carriers to whom we paid our money is unacceptable. Above all, we feel Google's performance is egregiously unacceptable in allowing this significant defect to languish for 17 months without acknowledging it or promptly pushing out a bug-fixing upgrade. We aren't hellbent on finding a fault. On the contrary, this one found us.

        Congratulations on your good fortune in having a mobile device that works satisfactorily. We'd love to know how you managed it, since many of us are languishing in an underworld plagued by greedy demons.
  • RE: Top Android smartphones for the summer

    Hmm, did I miss the Nexus S? It may be the real iPhone competitor. I reviewed it for Law Technology News (and from an owner's perspective)
    • RE: Top Android smartphones for the summer

      I was wondering the same thing. I've had min since release early this month and, although the wow factor has worn off a bit, I can't say enough good about this phone. Nexus S rocks!!!!
    • RE: Top Android smartphones for the summer

      @litigationtech <br><br>I am a happy owner of Nexus S from a while and can only confirm. It rocks! Latest version of OS, latest Flash updates always coming first and you can see great improvements from version to version. Watching other families of Android devices but Nexus S is for me the greatest one to compare to any other competitor on the market yet. Sure there are 2 core stuff already but it will take another year to make a leader. So I'll wait and select carefully witch one going to succeed. But that is nothing to worry about this summer anyway ;)
  • Where's the Thunderbolt?

    I just purchased a Tbolt and I'm loving it. So what if it needs an extended battery? It's still an excellent phone.

    I chose this over the Samsung Charge because the charge IS lacking in a few areas, namely storage, RAM and interface.
    Steve Goldman
  • I'm Waiting To See...

    How about the hotly talked about HTC Sensation or the Samsung Galaxy S2? Please O please let these phones live up to their hype! iPhone killers? Maybe!
  • Waiting for the Moto Droid 3

    looks to be promising. Hardware keyboards are my requirement regardless who makes the OS or hardware. I hate typing on a touchscreen. iPhone's OK, but no KB and there's better out there so why would I just settle for mediocrity?