Virtual PC 2007 Installation Sequence

Virtual PC 2007 Installation Sequence

Summary: We take a quick peek at the entire installation sequence for Microsoft's Virtual PC 2007.


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  • This just shows one of the typical XP installation screens. Things looked no different than a normal XP installation, except fo the fact that it was all running in a window.

    For David Berlind's write-up on The Virtual PC 2007 Installation Sequence, see his post in ZDNet's TestBed blog.
  • Of course, the first thing we did to make sure that our Windows XP installation was completely up to date is we turned auto-updates on. One problem with VMs is that if you don't use them for a while, they don't update while their "asleep." So, if you suddenly need on that you haven't used for a while, you might be slowed down by a series of Windows updates that have to take place first before you can safely begin computing. Maybe someone will figure out how to fix that problem. Be sure to check out ZDNet's other Virtual PC 2007 image gallery that shows the VPC '07 user interface.

    For David Berlind's write-up on The Virtual PC 2007 Installation Sequence, see his post in ZDNet's TestBed blog.

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  • Ahh, so this is the equivalent of

    running Classic (OS9) applications in OSX. And it's free but not a default installation
    with Vista?

    In Mac, once you clicked on an OS 9 application, Classic started immediately. This
    looks a little complicated, naming a 'machine' and stuff like that.

    Well, have fun Vista folks. At least you can still run your programmes that aren't
    Vista-ble yet which is a good thing.
    • I guess

      I guess you don't really know what is going on here...
  • RE: Picking the OS (Virtual PC 2007 Installation Sequence)

    Everything went nice. But one problem.
    The mouse tracking does not work well.
    If you click inside the virtual PC window, the mouse remains there. No way to get it out from the window. Microsoft had some instructions on installing some software but it never worked. Any idea ?