Why Spotify is music to my ears

Why Spotify is music to my ears

Summary: Just released for the U.S. market, why Spotify has been (and always will be) music to my ears.


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  • Sending music to friends is easy. Simply click on the track that you want to send, and if they have Spotify too, they will appear in the "People" pane. You can attach a message and they will receive it next time they use Spotify.

    For more on Spotify, read the corresponding post on the ZDNet iGeneration column.

  • Spotify automatically connects with your iTunes, your Windows Media Player and connects your offline music to your playlists, too. It's all consolidated in Spotify, allowing you to transfer music into it to play it from one window.

    In Offline mode (a subscription is needed), you can keep your streamed tracks locally so there will be no cut-off in music -- even if your web connection fails you!

    For more on Spotify, read the corresponding post on the ZDNet iGeneration column.

  • Spotify makes sharing playlists incredibly easy. You can send them via a link and access them in your own Spotify when someone sends you a playlist. You can tweet, send via Windows Live Messenger, or use Facebook to share your favourite tracks.

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  • So you love it because... it's Rhapsody?

    Been through all the slides, and I still fail to see why Spotify -- massive buzz notwithstanding -- is somehow any different/better than an existing product that has been serving the U.S. market for a decade. Each and every slide seems to be a feature Rhapsody has as well. Aside from the fact that someone might prefer the look of Spotify, what's so new?
    • RE: Why Spotify is music to my ears

      @jlh2977 I'm no expert, but I think people love it because its free, and has a library three times the size of Rhapsody and Napster.
    • RE: Why Spotify is music to my ears


      Rhapsody is 10 bucks a month, Spotify is free ! Doesn't sound the same to me. Rhapsody only offers a free two-week trial , but after that there is no free tier.

      Side Note: I have heard though that after the first 6 months or so, they may further cripple the Spotify free tier and only let you listen to "x" amount of hours a month. Of course, that is not set in stone....but I am curious how this plays out. More competition = Consumer wins !
    • RE: Why Spotify is music to my ears

      rhapsodys iphone app is terrible! takes a long time to load, if you lose 3g which happens often you need to wait for the songs to buffer, it crashes, etc etc. none of this happened on the spotify app, oh and its catalog of songs is at least double. many songs i couldnt find on rhapsody
  • RE: Why Spotify is music to my ears

    Get with the programme my US friends. Spotify rocks. Having graduated to the paid-for service and introduced dozens to it, you will see the point. Sit back make the play list you always wanted and live the dream. Timberlake better have a plan for MySpace that is literally stellar to beat this.
    • RE: Why Spotify is music to my ears

      @Positivemarketing.org I'll stick to my Zune Pass thank you.
  • RE: Why Spotify is music to my ears

  • RE: Why Spotify is music to my ears

    How is this service any better then grooveshark
  • RE: Why Spotify is music to my ears

    Spotify free? Geez, what yahoos. First of all, on general principles, nothing is free. Somebody is paying somehow. But specific to Spotify, the "free" service is ad-supported. The rest is pay. Not to mention the DRM.
  • RE: Why Spotify is music to my ears

    Spotify rocks, easy to use and the Free version is a great itroducer with very understated and unobtrusive advertising supporting it for you.<br><br>Amazon need to junk their *EXPNSIVE* **** Cloud music/storage service, and just buy Spotify, as with their recent purchase of the DVD Rental/Video streaming business Lovefilm in Europe.<br><br>This will consolidat entertainment down to 4 players globally<br><br>- NetFlix (Which amazon web services powers anyway)<br>- iTunes<br>- Amazon/Lovefilm/Spotify<br>- Robbing studio barons/Cable & satellite companies/Cell Companies
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  • RE: Why Spotify is music to my ears

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  • RE: Why Spotify is music to my ears

    I am using an old Spotify account at the times when was free (by invitation) here in Spain. Amazing! when you are as me: a retired man hearing music of all ages at my home.