Windows 7 build 6956 performance test

Windows 7 build 6956 performance test

Summary: My Hardware 2.0 mailbag is brimming with Windows 7 related questions. The main question on everyone's lips is the obvious one - How does Windows 7 stack up against Vista?This test will pitch Windows 7 build 6956 32-bit against Windows Vista RTM 32-bit and Windows Vista SP1 32-bit.


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Topics: Hardware, Microsoft, Operating Systems, Processors, Software, Windows

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  • Apple Uses Unix, Linux is a Unix Clone -- This is what we need

    Micro$oft makes the worst software on the face of the Earth. Open Source is changing the world. Just look at Wikipedia. Get Linux and all of your problems will go away.
    Anonymous Benefactor
    • All my problems didn't go away

      I tried four different Linux distros and could never get any of them to work properly with my fairly recent nVidia video card, despite lots of forum research. I gave up. At least Windows understands my hardware.
      • eh?

        Linux may not have the specific driver for your graphic card but, you can install the nVidia graphic driver from or, try updating/upgrading your distribution online!
        • I've encountered similar instances...

          Even nvidia's driver's don't work properly for me on centos. It's really strange.
          • Nvidia and ATI with Linux

            If Centos doesn't include Nvidia or ATI drivers then
            you gotta go get em. Mandrake, PC Linux, and others
            have a Nvidia splash screen on start.

            Ubuntu falls short also on this unless they've changed
            their policy.

            Also Open Solaris works fine right off the DVD.
    • hmmm...

      GNU/Linux doesn't have so many games written for it and, it is confusing when there are so many different distributions and other choices available regarding all sorts of things like or X11, the window manager, etc.

      If your interested in gaming, M$'s DirectX is really what your after.
    • Irony and idiocy

      So presumably you've made the great move you espouse. So life must be fantastic now.

      So why exactly are you trolling a deeply specific Windows topic thread? I mean why would a Mac or *NIX devotee CARE about Win 7 vs Vista perf?

      WHY are so many diehard fanboi religious types such malcontents who arent happy unless they are spoiling the fun of others?

      I sit here on a super high end home built PC browsing articles while my Mac G5 is downloading cover art for the MP3s stored on my Linux storage appliance.

      I find that all technology is great and each platform has its charm.

      It seems only those who lock themselves in to one platform and let it define them end up frustrated, bitter and unhappy - endlessly crusading and fomenting some delusional 'revolution'.

      Just food for thought...
  • RE: Boot Up Times (Windows 7 build 6956 performance test)

    the only thing is that, if your interested in gaming, M$'s DirectX is really what your after.
  • RE: Boot Up Times (Windows 7 build 6956 performance test)

    My boot up time on vista 64 is as good if not better,with a dual pentium processor plus raptor drive!
  • RE: Boot Up Times (Windows 7 build 6956 performance test)

    I am intrigued by Linux. I have been told to specifically try Ubuntu. Will I be able to run it in a dual boot mode? Will there be enough drivers for me to run all of the hardware I have? What about applications
    • boot up times for Windows 7

      I like a good steak, but what does that have to do with Boot up times for Windows 7
    • ubantu linux

      this linux doesnt work well.. no programs we usally use works at all..and it use all youre hard drive for ubantu alone..
      • ubuntu linux

        on the contrary, it does works well. if you have specific windows application then maybe you should stick with windows.

        concerning linux, i think you should read the basics first before trying a new operating system. ubuntu or linux to be precise can be partitioned. linux is a robust operating system, it won't hurt reading a little before trying out.
      • dude seriously

        I honestly can't believe these morons who are saying they can't get programs or display drivers to work on various linux distros. What the hell is wrong with you? Looked on forums? I doubt that. There is a wealth of helpful newbie friendly information out there on that and many other subjects. If you can't find it, it means you didn't try or you can't read. Idiots. Also, don't spout your mindless drivel about any linux distro unless you've actually read up on it and/or actually made some effort to get to know it. The stupidity displayed here is sickening.
      • Ubuntu et al

        Re. Ubuntu,

        I have used Linux variations from different publishers for over 10 years.
        In my lowly opinion Ubuntu 8.1 (Intrepid Ibex) is the best distro for domestic users.
        Quite a few of my peers use Ubuntu as a second OS on old PCs whereas I use it 99% of the time.
        The only reason I run XP and Vista on my other laptops is to be knowledgable on both for my clients.

        Keep it coming, Canonical !!.

  • Waste of time

    Until the real thing (retail) come up all those benchmarks are useless (imho).
  • Vista..piffle. What about XP?

    Forget about benchmarking Vista and Windows 7 unless
    you want to include the same benchmarks for Windows XP.
    Despite what Mr Kingsley-Hughes may personally think is
    the "superior" Windows version, the largest installation
    base for any windows version is currently XP.

    Given the market share for XP, it makes sense to have a
    comparison between the next Windows incarnation and the incumbent installation base. I'm a senior I.T. strategist for
    a large corporate, and there's not a snow-flake's chance in
    hell Vista will ever see the light of day in our offices. I
    want to know is Windows 7 going to be "Vista SP??" or is it
    a sufficient re-factor to be a worthy replacement to XP? Or
    should we be investigating migration to something other
    than Windows?

    I'm an operating system "agnostic" and look for the best
    solution to a given problem, regardless of the operating
    system. If Windows is entering the twighlight zone, maybe
    I should be looking elsewhere. Of course, Mr Kingsley-
    Hughes only has a hammer, so everything looks like a nail.
    Enjoy your "Vista experience" Mr Kingsley-Hughes, but the
    rest of the world just wants to get the job done :)
  • RE: Boot Up Times (Windows 7 build 6956 performance test)

    Don't you freetard prophets ever get tired of spewing the same nonsense?

    My God, Linux have been taking over for 10 years now. Ain't gonna happen, just leave us the f@ck alone. Get a life.
    • windows 7 = real OS, ubuntu = buggy crap

      dood you have lost your mind. ubuntu is a kids toy, its a joke. its good to teach people about linux and all.. and its cool for military type stuff, or dedicated servers - but its a tiny tiny tiny part of the real OS picture.

      and it sucks.
  • RE: Boot Up Times (Windows 7 build 6956 performance test)

    For pre-beta it's not too bad.

    Was this using DX 10 or DX10.1 or DX 11 for the tests?
    Looks like if Vantage scores increase that much they
    finally did something right. Maybe shutdown unneeded

    Since you were using a Phenom and a ATI video card,
    did you use any ATI specific programs like Fusion for
    one? It shuts stuff down to improve scores, or maybe
    was this included as a part of the beta build?

    You can say this blog is superficial or a non entity,
    but thanks, because it does show more than boot up