Photoshop Extended CS6

Photoshop Extended CS6

Summary: As well as enhancing its classic image editing functionality, Photoshop CS6 expands what you can achieve without switching to another application, including tools for working with video, 3D and text.

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  • Simpler 3D
    Photoshop CS6 Extended has much simpler tools for working with 3D objects than the previous version. You can isolate 3D elements in the Picture in Picture window, or work directly in the canvas. You can extrude flat objects like text to 3D shapes, drag items along all three axes to move and rotate them, drag handles on 3D objects to set the bevel of edges and the depth of planes directly — and the text stays editable. It's easier to define planes and perspectives in a photo, so you can position 3D models in a composite image. You can also position lighting sources and shadows to get the look you want by dragging them into position.

  • Paragraph styles and OpenType effects
    If you're working with text in Photoshop, you can now create styles either for paragraphs or character styles that control individual letters and words. You can use styles in multiple documents for consistency. Photoshop also finally adds support for the extra features that have been in OpenType fonts for a while now; ligatures, ordinal numbers and fractions are useful more often than contextual and stylistic alternates, but if you're adding fancy text to a layout it's nice to have the options. The new Type menu brings the text tools together and the new type-rendering engine has much better anti-aliasing.

  • Simple vector shapes
    The new Custom Shapes tool doesn't turn Photoshop into an Illustrator replacement or a CorelDRAW competitor, but if you're moving from editing images to creating artwork, the ability to add lines, shapes and objects for which you can set the stroke and fill is certainly useful. You can already put images inside text; now you can put images, colours and gradients inside shapes as well. We've used a gradient fill on the scissors and on the outline of the tick and a simple colour fill inside the tick. Features like this expand the range of what you can achieve without leaving Photoshop, which could boost your productivity.

Topics: Apps, Reviews, Software

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