PlayJam GameStick review: Low cost Android console gaming has potential

PlayJam GameStick review: Low cost Android console gaming has potential

Summary: In January the GameStick appeared as a Kickstarter project. It is available now for $80 and some games are fun, but more games are needed and the user interface could use more work.


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  • definitely better than chromecast

    definitely better than chromecast
    • Yeah I was let down by Chromecast too

      I mean I honestly thought it would have been like a wifi or BT4.0 streaming device... nope it is just a extension remote controlled device. A streaming device would have been cool, but this is utter rubbish.
  • GameStick

    "Here Today, Gone To Maui" says it all!
  • Why so limited

    This is a great idea but it could do so much more, it should be offering apps for on-demand tv etc. Someone will offer a full android device connected to the TV which does everything and does it well. Enough of the one-trick-pony devices, jam everything into it, have cyanogenmod produce a slick android build using the latest version - with google play support and a good UI, put a compact qwerty keyboard on the back of the controller for typing when browsing or searching. I know there's stuff around that does all the above but someone needs to offer a good device that does it all.