PM stands by Conroy on Google

PM stands by Conroy on Google

Summary: Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has said that he stands by comments Communications Minister Stephen Conroy made about Google collecting Wi-Fi data when driving around the nation.


update Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has said that he stands by comments Communications Minister Stephen Conroy made about Google collecting Wi-Fi data when driving around the nation.

Senator Conroy said on Monday the internet giant could have "hoovered-up" the bank details and other private information of Australians.

The Australian Bankers Association dismissed such claims when speaking to the Australian Financial Review today.

The System Administrators Guild of Australia (SAGE-AU) has also spoken out against Conroy, warning that his claim that Google's Street View Cars were potentially acquiring internet banking details was "misinformation verging on fear-mongering".

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) are investigating Google's actions for possible breaches of the Telecommunication Interceptions Act.

Asked if the Senator's remarks could prejudice the work of the AFP, Rudd replied: "The minister's statements speak for themselves".

"I am sure there will be a continued and robust exchange between himself and the companies concerned," he told reporters in Sydney on Tuesday. "I'm sure they will both argue their positions. I stand by what the minister has said."

Senator Conroy said it was up to police to accept Google's claim that the collection of personal information was a mistake.

Update at 3:52pm, 8 June 2010: SAGE-AU comment added.

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  • Looks Like KRudd is ready to let the rope of SConroy's words come back to choke him.
  • Perhaps the Minister would care to explain exactly HOW Google hoovered up peoples bank details then?

    Fair enough Google stuffed up and are rightly getting investigated for it, but this Minister then goes on record making accusations like this, how can he get away with it????
  • Just goes to show how clueless they all are over there if they think Google have somehow managed to "intercept" communications over encrypted https connections.

    I can forgive the PM for not understanding how the internet works, but the Communications Minister should at least be expected to understand that EVERY bank and financial institution performs EVERY transaction over an HTTPS (that is, encrypted) connection. Therefore, it doesn't matter if the Wi-Fi connection itself is insecure, it's impossible for Google to have collected any information regarding bank transactions or credit card numbers or anything like that.
    Dean Harding
  • Conroy must have some real dirt on Rudd.

    I can't believe any sane individual would continue to support a Machiavellian public servant who evidently knows nothing about his portfolio and risks bringing ridicule and contempt upon the prime minister with his support.
  • Basically this government is willing to lie and cheat when it suits it's own agenda. There is no question of that. Don't let facts get in the way of a good story.
  • smike, really with all respect, you surely aren't naive enough for this to surprise you, are you?

    All governments and politicians (as Rudd has done and will continue to do) and as Abbott only a few weeks back even admitted he does, and would continue to do, lie to suit themselves and their agendas.

    That's what pollies do...

    But then they all, oddly have the audacity to want the other side to be accountable for everything they say. They even want the other sides blood, for telling porkies, even when they themselves are telling porkies at the same time... lol.

    Remember back to the last government, they did it too. Even though he went to an election with a proposed GST on the table, honest John Howard [sic] previously had sworn he'd "never ever have a GST on the agenda again", but...

    Conclusion - they are all made from the same mould, unfortuately. So best option is to pick the least bad

    Whilst I do not like what Conroy is doing (apart from the NBN), I see Abbott as a sans NBN carbon copy of Conroy...

    But... Conroy isn't PM!!!!!
  • There is little doubt in my mind that this is an attempt to divert attention away from the Rudd government's extremely unpopular Internet filter and other issues, with an eye to the coming election. If you insist that someone else is covered in mud, you draw attention away from your own coat of dirt. Do not let them distract you. I have already decided on this issue alone that I will not vote Labor. I urge others to do the same. Let's at least get the Greens the balance of power in the Senate.
  • Neither Rudd or Conroy have the technical savvy to fully understand how stupid their statements are. It's like too idiots congratulating themselves on their inability to comprehend reality.
    Scott W-ef9ad
  • Did not someone indicate that the amount of personal information that Google may have "accidentally" collected was in the