Police investigate classification.gov.au hack

Police investigate classification.gov.au hack

Summary: The Australian Federal Police (AFP) has been called in by the Attorney-General's Department to investigate the hack of the Classification Board's website.


The Australian Federal Police (AFP) has been called in by the Attorney-General's Department to investigate the hack of the Classification Board's website.

(Credit: Anonymous ZDNet.com.au reader)

The website of the Australia's Classification Board, which determines Australia's film, literature, gaming and media classifications, was last week hacked by protesters against its regime.

The site, which was still inaccessible this morning, would remain offline while the AFP investigated the matter, a spokesperson for the Attorney-General's Department told ZDNet.com.au on Friday.

"The department is aware the Classification Board's website was hacked into last night [26 March]. It has been taken down while the incident is being investigated," the AGD spokesperson said. "The matter has been referred to the AFP."

Following the AFP's investigation, a report will also be handed to Minister for Home Affairs, Bob Debus, the spokesperson said.

The hack occurred shortly after Minister for Communications Stephen Conroy appeared on the ABC's current affairs panel Q&A, where the second half covered the ongoing debate about the government's proposed mandatory filtering scheme.

It's the second security breach in as many weeks triggered by public outraged by the government's internet filtering plans. Last week an alleged copy of the Australian Media and Communications Authority's (ACMA) blacklist was leaked on whistle-blower website, Wikileaks.

Conroy denied the list was authentic, but admitted it shared some common web links. Soon after a new list was published.

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  • fools

    lol. This world and the people in it are ignorant fools; this is the exact way the Nazis took control of Germany. Slow removal of basic rights, censorship of information. When are the gas chambers due Senator??

    How about prosecuting the real criminals..... Criminals Against our freedoms, Criminals against Democracy, Criminal Liars! First Name: Senator. Last Name: Conroy.
  • POOR Security ?

    If the site was run by intelligent people who understand IT, they wouldn't be hacked.

    Lousy security by the sound of it!

    Dumb bureaucrats as well.
  • I do not condone the hacking

    But I understand why it was done.

    Much like the Boston Tea party (an iconic moment in American history) that protested against a government that had lost touch with it's colonial subjects.

    If the government keeps pushing this barrow, there will be more opposition and likely more displays like this. I do not condone the acts but I can understand why they will happen.
  • noob gov

    If the government cant run a forum properly, hows the filter ment to work... they would proberly block "*.*"
  • Our Government Failed

    Our Australian Government failed once again.

    Pathetic, ignorant, sad people like Senator Conroy make me feel embarrassed to live in this country.
  • Still down?

    I guess that means they have no idea how it was done.
    Conroy is the real criminal here anyway. He should be the one locked up.
    Its funny how if the person who did it is ever caught, he/she could face jail time. No real damage was caused. They just changed some text on the front page as a statement for our freedom. Yet other people would end up getting off for lesser crimes.
    The government should just get over it. Accept they were beaten. Tighten up their security and move on.
  • Re embarrassed to live in this country.

    So why do you?
    I have known Steven Conroy since he was a lad, and he comes from a highly skilled IT family. While I disagree strongly with the filtering, part of me wonders about the advice he is being given. And why he is blindly following it??
    But summing up our ELECTED leaders, as pathetic and ignorant, all the while by hiding behind anonymity is to me, gutless.