[Poll] Which new product will Apple unveil today: Smartwatch, HDTV, or phablet?

[Poll] Which new product will Apple unveil today: Smartwatch, HDTV, or phablet?

Summary: CEO Tim Cook has teased that Apple is working on "exciting new product categories." If Apple unveils a new product at its October 22 event, which one will it be? Take our poll.

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What new trick might Tim Cook have up his sleeve at Apple's October 22 event? Image: CBS Interactive

In May, Apple CEO Tim Cook said, "Our teams are hard at work on some amazing new hardware, software and services that we can't wait to introduce this fall."

That could mostly cover the iPhone update Apple made last month, iPad and Mac updates we're expecting on Tuesday, as well as the updates to iOS 7, Mac OS X Mavericks, and iCloud that have already been announced. However, Cook tantilized Apple buyers a little bit with the word "introduced." 

Was he simply talking about unveiling product updates or introducing something new? In Apple's Q2 earnings call with Wall Street, Cook also teased "the potential of exciting new product categories" as part of Apple's future. And then, of course, the invitation for the October 22 event was titled, "We still have a lot to cover". Would Apple have done that kind of foreshadowing if this event was merely about iPad and Mac updates? It seems unlikely.

So, that begs the question of what new product Apple might unleash on the world today. The top three candidates according to the scuttlebutt in the tech press throughout 2013 are a smartwatch (a.k.a. "iWatch"), an Apple-branded HDTV set with a gesture and/or voice interface, or a 5- or 6-inch phablet.

While it's still possible that Apple could be working on all three products but none of them are ready to announce yet, the tagline on the invite has righfully piqued curiosity for something new. With that in mind, let's take a vote.

If you have trouble viewing the poll above, then go to this link to vote.

Topics: Apple, Mobility

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  • I voted phablet

    but I think none of the above. I would say a iPad keyboard, but cook has been quoted saying microsoft doing that was like a dishwasher and refrigerator merged together. They can't be seen as following the competition or they start to look like they are losing their edge.
  • None of the above

    Add that to the poll please. Thanks!
  • I voted smart watch

    I voted smart watch. There's been speculation of an Apple smart watch ever since people started selling watch bands for the iPod nano.

    An iOS Phablet would sell like hotcakes, but I think that Apple is too timid when it comes to cannibalization worries. They're afraid people will stop buying iPad minis. They shouldn't be (chances are people would buy regular sized iPads instead) but that attitude seems to be their biggest self-imposed counter-productive limitation.
  • 4k Macbook Pros, running Windows 8.5

    Redmond WA. October 22,2013. Apple is set to announce their new flagship products will take a dramatic departure from products of old. Tim Cook will announce the Microsoft will supply the OS for all of Apple's products going forward. Microsoft's Steve Ballmer, and Steve Elop will join Tim Cook onstage to announce Microsoft's buyout of Apple. lol
    I hate trolls also
  • I will put my dark horse candidate in just before this keynote

    My dark horse candidate is a 4K monitor for it's new Mac Pro computer. There, I hope I win the door prize. Ten minutes to go before the keynote address starts.
    • I think Apple is going to push 4k displays

      Other than that, there are few things that would shock me.
      I hate trolls also