Professional online Linux classes for all - and the first one is free

Professional online Linux classes for all - and the first one is free

Summary: Want a good-paying Linux job, but don't have the skills? The Linux Foundation is setting up a new program of online classes for you.


More than nine out of ten IT hiring managers plan to hire Linux professionals in the next six months.. That's great news... if you're a Linux pro.. If you're not, you're out of luck. But The Linux Foundation wants to help you.

The Linux Foundation will be using Harvard University and MIT's open-source edX to bring onliine Linux training to one and all.

On March 6th, the Linux Foundation announced it's building a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) program with edX, the non-profit, online learning platform launched in 2012 by Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

At the same time, The Linux Foundation is announcing a new Authorized Training Partner program with AT Computing, Enea, and OlinData among its first members. Together, the new MOOC program and Advanced Training Partner program are meant to increase the ways by which Linux professionals can access high-quality, technically advanced, community-based training materials.

While these new training partners will also help supply enterprises with the trained Linux professionals they need, it's the new online training classes that really have my attention. As the Foundation itself states, "talent isn’t bounded by geography, sometimes access to advanced Linux training has been limited. Employers are seeking Linux professionals in a market where not enough exist, while professionals struggle to find affordable, accessible training opportunities to advance their careers."

Best of all for Linux newcomers, the first MOOC class will be Introduction to Linux and it will be available for free. Previously, the course cost $2,500. Other upcoming Linux classes will include Developing Applications for Linux, Linux Kernel Internals and Debugging, Linux Performance Tuning, and OpenStack Cloud Architecture and Deployment. In other words, there will be online classes suitable for software developers; Linux kernel programmers; and system, cloud, and network administrators.

The edX courses are top-of-the-line classes. More than 31 universities have partnered with edX including initial members Harvard, MIT, University of California Berkeley, CalTech, and Cornell. Since it was founded, other top institutions, such as the International Monetary Fund, Mexico’s Secretariat of Public Education, and The Smithsonian Institution have joined the edX program. Nearly two million people have accessed its courses online since it launched 18 months ago.

"Our mission is to advance Linux and that includes ensuring we have a talent pool of Linux professionals,” said Jim Zemlin, The Linux Foundation's executive director, in a statement. "To widen that talent pool and give more people access to the opportunities in the Linux community and IT industry, we are making our training program more accessible to users worldwide. We are partnering with the leader in MOOCs to enable this access."

EdX’s MOOC’s have become "an increasingly popular way to provide for unlimited participation and open access to learning material to people anywhere in the world via the web. These programs also provide interactive users forums where students and professors can build communities, similar to the way in which the Linux community collaborates. MOOCs have recently generated enrollments for individual classes of 60,000 or more students."

Anant Agarwal, edX president, added in a statement that, "Linux is the world’s largest collaborative development project, and people everywhere want to understand how it works and how to tap into that massive community to advance their careers and general understanding of how technology today is built. Like edX, Linux is a non-profit, open source initiative, and we are pleased to partner with The Linux Foundation to make their basic learning materials accessible to more people around the globe."

For those who have the opportunity to take a class in person, and prefer that to online classes, the new Linux Foundation Authorized Training Partner Program will also increase access to Linux Foundation training courses by making them available from a variety of training providers around the world, using Linux Foundation Authorized Instructors.

The Linux Foundation will also continue to offer free Linux training resources, scholarships and other resources to ensure it is a rich resource of free Linux technical training for everyone. For more information about The Linux Foundation’s Linux training services, visit The Linux Foundation training site.

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn't mention that the best way to start learning Linux is to simply start using it. Almost all Linux distributions are available for free, most have sites that will help you learn the basics of its particular distribution, and more general sites, such as LinuxQuestions, can help even the merest tyro pick up the basics of Linux.

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  • Professional online Linux classes for all - and the first one is free

    The linux fraudation sets up for another fail. This organization can't do anything right and are always asking for handouts like the panhandlers on the side of the road. Maybe the two are connected somehow, because with linux everything is free so you are not getting paid. It makes sense.

    "Previously a $2,400 course, Introduction to Linux "
    HAHAHAHA I bet they made $0 from that. No one would willingly pay for linux or its courses. What a rip off.

    I bet the syllabus goes like this:
    Class 1: GCC and the term window
    Class 2: Compiling your kernel - how to spend the days it takes wisely
    Class 3: Building on Class 2, Wrong flags? Retype it.
    Class 4: That pesky open telnet port and how to live with it
    • The world is changing

      For your future, be adviced Lovy, signed up the class.
      • In time ...

        Mr. Davidson is currently on the waiting list for both abacus and etch-a-sketch training.
        Rabid Howler Monkey
      • thats far too hard for him

        he confessed a while ago that he wasn't even capable of installing Linux
    • I'm basically just going to ignore this post.

      Honestly, it's just getting sad. Same old soapbox of lies.

      This is for linux professional training, and in theory it's really good news. Between the lcip certification, rhce exams and suse admin exams, my training must have cost my employers well over 10 grand - not to mention the £2000 i spend on my certifications as a junior admin!

      What concerns me is that it's still going to cost about the same?

      It may be good to draw in new talent but if the price to non uni students is still around that $2500, lcpi is more cost effective
      • "Same old soapbox of lies"

        They're not lies, they're jokes (or attempted jokes).

        LD is here to entertain us, not to educate us.
        • Now that's funny.

          LD is out of work comedian writing for $0 on ZDNet, trying to make fun of open-source as a area nobody can make money in. What would that be called? Oh yeah, pathetic irony.
    • Baloney

      I believe it is an established maxim in morals that he who makes an assertion without knowing whether it is true or false, is guilty of falsehood. . . ."
      --Abraham Lincoln, August 11, 1846

      And still, the vast majority of servers are Linux servers...

      Over 89% of the server installs are Linux installations according to one of the biggest hosting company.


      And it looks like you are still stuck with your old boring FUD (compiling an open telnet port or something between those lines).
      • I realize that LD is a troll...

        ... but what does that have to do with anything?

        That's like saying >50% of all smartphones run Android, and comparing it to OS X's ~10% market-share.
      • Vast majority of hosting company servers are Linux servers, you mean?

        As according to most reports, the large majority of servers sold from OEM's are Windows based, the rest being "No OS" or "Linux".

        Really, no business is going to run AD and related technologies for their location from a hosted server, are they?
        • There must be a reason why you decide to write

          “As according to most reports, the large majority of servers sold from OEM's are Windows based, the rest being "No OS" or "Linux".”

          What is the reason Mr. Farrel?
    • So you think the people running Harvard and MIT are just a bunch of idiots.

      I take it you're Yale man?
  • But; But; But;

    I thought that Linux was Free And Full Of Love?
    • It is...

      ...but to get value out of it, you need professionals. Or you could buy another OS and still have to pay for the same professionals.
  • this website is pathetic

    pathetic and so full of hate from the linux lovers, that I'm sick with it NOW!

    Go compile and live your useless piece of FOSS taking the huge 1,4% of desktops which cover less than 0,5% on business?! machines..

    But remember, despite the hate nothing is different, and your lovely android is not going to be the holy grail!

    Remember that, and see once it takes (if) 5% how your foss will become more evil and greedy than the devils from MS..
    • Why Do Hang Around...

      ...this Site if it's so bad?
      Probably the same reason I do trudge thro' the muck. The pathetic predictable humdrum copy/paste easily documentable lunacy of L. D., which then flushes out the immature name callers, like flies to s**t.
      I stick around for the times the actual tech issues are rationally, civilly discussed. And every now and then I come upon a jewel. Info, or a viewpoint I don't find anywhere else.
      Mostly makes it worth my while, tho' the same garbage spewed over and over gets a might wearying.
      • sure

        sure not here because of Steven and his agenda
    • You lost us... "WAAAAAHHHH!!!!".
  • More Free Classes

    To witness real growth for the Linux world ... offer ALL the classes for free.