Protecting your tech when out and about

Protecting your tech when out and about

Summary: If I don't go to great lengths to protect my gear then it's not going to last that long. And I'm not alone here. More and more people are taking delicate electronics in the form of smartphones, tablets, notebooks, and cameras, out into the elements and expecting them to work, day in, day out. Here's the kit to help you do this safely.

TOPICS: Hardware, Mobility

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  • Image: Lowepro

    Camera: Lowepro Flipside 400 AW

    Keeping a camera safe and yet close to hand is not easy, especially if you're dealing with a big DSLR. I've searched high and low for the ideal case, and I think I've found it with the Lowepro Flipside 400 AW. Not only does it protect my camera from bumps, knocks, and scrapes, but it is also allows me to carry lots of additional gear, and it is all easy to access.

    Make no mistake, this is a big case, suited to a DSLR — such as the Canon 5D mark III — with a big lens. It's also got space for more two or three additional lenses, filters, spare batteries, cleaning cloth and memory cards.

    One of the things I really love about this is that the zips to get access to the camera are body-side, so people can't nab your camera while it's on your back.

    Link: Lowepro

    Price: $125

  • Image: G-Form

    iPad: G-Form Extreme Portfolio Case

    Since I've had good success with the G-Form Xtreme case for my iPhone, I've popped my iPad into one, too.

    The G-Form Extreme Portfolio iPad case is a lightweight and water-resistant portfolio case that also has an internal layer of polycarbonate on one side in addition to an inside pocket for documents. The G-Form Extreme Portfolio can be opened and used in several configurations. For example, the front cover can be reverse-zipped behind your tablet device so it offers two levels of RPT protection. In this position, the front screen is still protected by RPT corners that also serve to hold it securely in place. 

    The Extreme Portfolio can also be used in an easel or A-frame configuration in either landscape or portrait mode.

    Link: G-Form

    Price: $89.99

Topics: Hardware, Mobility

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  • No write-up about that armored luggage?

    Looks like a format glitch. I'd be interested in details about it.
  • be prepared

    don’t be surprised if you don’t get looked at funny or harassed, some of these look a little threatening to some people I’m sure. They don’t know its only camera lenses in that bag or laptop in that black case.“