Qualcomm demos augmented reality apps

Qualcomm demos augmented reality apps

Summary: The chip manufacturer has demonstrated its future vision for augmented reality applications at its IQ 2010 event in London, highlighting potential usage for instructional, gaming and learning apps

TOPICS: Mobility, Apps

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  • The main application on display at IQ brought the classic 1960's board game Rock'em Sock'em Robots into the virtual sphere.

    The prototype runs on a standard Android 2.1 or higher device with single and multiplayer options, allowing two users to duke it out head-to-head.

    Photo credit: Natasha Lomas/silicon.com

  • Aiming the phone's camera at the specially crafted playing surface brings the robots to life on-screen and allows the player to control their character.

    Using the handset's touchscreen display as a controller, the player can control their character's movements and attacks. There's a slight delay in the gameplay of the prototype, but the company hopes that real-time implementation for this app, as well as others, is not too far away.

    Photo credit: Natasha Lomas/silicon.com

  • The application currently needs a special game board to provide contrast for the camera and allow the players to recognise the boundaries of the AR game. Different game boards were also demonstrated for playing the game in different environments.

    "There's actually nothing on the table but a piece of paper but when you look at it on the phone, you actually see a game there and you and another person can play that virtual game," said Paul Jacobs, chairman and chief executive of Qualcomm during his keynote.

    Photo credit: Natasha Lomas/silicon.com

Topics: Mobility, Apps

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