Qualcomm's smartwatch entry not what you think it is

Qualcomm's smartwatch entry not what you think it is

Summary: It's time for the onslaught of smartwatches.


Not to let Samsung entirely hog the spotlight today, Qualcomm has unveiled its own smartwatch made in-house.

Dubbed "Toq" (sounding like the latter half of tick tock when said outloud), Qualcomm's digital wristband actually looks a little more enticing than the Samsung Galaxy Gear, which arguably isn't that hard to do.

For starters, we know immediately that Toq runs Android 4.0.3 -- on more than two devices on top of that.

Sure, it's still flaunted as a companion device for smartphones, but the processor giant's entry also isn't exactly what you think it is at first glance.

Looking closer at the Toq, it's basically a showcase of the latest mobile technology coming out of the San Diego-headquartered company -- namely the Mirasol reflective, low-power display and WiPower LE wireless charging technology.

Qualcomm admits as much -- as far as the showcase is concerned -- in the announcement.

For the short term, Qualcomm could be looking to make some scores with consumers when Toq ships during the fourth quarter of 2013.

But the end game is really about selling this hardware to larger tech industry players and establishing partnerships along the supply chain, making itself integral in this burgeoning industry going forward.

It's quite similar to what Broadcom executives talked about during a Q&A session with the tech press in San Francisco last week, except Qualcomm is taking things a step further by producing a complete device of its own.

Image via Qualcomm

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  • It's a showcase for the display technology

    Presumably then it just displays stuff from your smartphone and thus is not a watch rather a wrist-display. Um yeah I guess they are hoping against hope some suckers will bite on this. Lord knows there's a sucker born everyday.
    • Re: Lord knows there's a sucker born everyday.

      Like you?

      This is *the* tech that is required in order for any "smartwatch" type of device to make any sense. Not Samsung's AMOLED stuff.
  • And more flat UI

    Wow, kudos, HUGE kudos to Microsoft for defining what the next generation of UIs look like.
    • Simple icons..

      MS didn't invent it at all.

      Goes all the way back to about 1975-1980.
  • These watches should take cues from

    MSN Direct. Almost every watch is just mimicking my phone. They should be more than mimicking the smartphone functionality
    Ram U
  • Biggest news you guys glossed over...

    ...is the Mirasol display. I'd toss my iPhone 5 into the dumpster if I could get a smart phone you can actually SEE in sunlight! Huge, marvelous, stupendous, and it's really good too!!!
    Tony Burzio
    • Yet another advantage of the Lumia 920


      When in very bright sunlight, there is a visible shift in the display as it goes into a high contrast mode. Sure, things like color accuracy aren't good but while the iphone 5 user next to me is squinting, trying to shade their phone, and can't see anything in the screen, my Lumia 920 is easy to read.

      Amazing how much those who refuse to look outside of apple are missing.
      • Re: When in very bright sunlight, there is a visible shift in the display

        A gimmick.

        Nothing to do with real electronic paper, what this Mirasol display is.

        You did that test on the Moon surface, right? For I have yet to see a place in bright sunlight on Earth where the iPhone 5 display is not clear and readable. You saw at least one iPhone 5 toddy, right?
  • Mirasol display?

    At last! This kind of tech is what it takes to build 'smartwatch' type devices. It will be very useful for smartphones too.